calm your mind

with Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching

If you need to relieve stress or if you are feeling scattered and unclear; this is the service for you. Experience a one on one coaching session or sign up for a class. Learn to release the stress of the day as well as feelings and thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Empower yourself through the use of meditation, mindfulness, and visualization techniques to manifest peace, joy, health, and happiness in your life.


clear & revitalize your energy body

with Reiki

crystal healing or

Energy Clearing & Balancing Coaching

If you are feeling fatigued or emotionally weighted down, if you are replaying negative events in your mind over and over again. Or, if you are feeling physical or emotional pain; these are the services for you.

Through a Reiki or Crystal Helaing session, release the un-needed energetic attachments that keep you from feeling strong, healthy, inspired, and motivated. Heal wounds and release energy that no longer serves your highest good.

In a Energy Clearing & Balancing Coaching session, empower yourself by learning to command your energy system. Create the energetic environment you need to manifest peace, joy, health, and happiness.


boost your spirit! Get clarity & guidance

with Intuitive Readings

If you are feeling lost, confused, hopeless, or just have a lot of questions; this is the service for you. Communicate with angels and guides to gain an understanding of your life's path and your soul's purpose. Identify the physical, social, and emotional obstacles that are holding you back. Receive guidance on next steps toward inspiring and manifesting peace, joy, health, and happiness in your life.


Make Sense of it ALL! protect. Illuminate. connect.
with Spirit Sense Coaching

(Specifically, for psychic children, teens and people of all ages!)

If you or someone in your family is fearful or overwhelmed by psychic or intuitive gifts; if you or a loved one need to gain control over the gifts you've have been given, these are the services of you. Learn how to make sense of what's happening and control your destiny so that everyday life doesn't feel so overwhelming. Gain the spirit sense you need to command your energy, the energy of your home, and/or the energy surrounding your family so that you can feel confident walking through everyday life with such skills.