My name is Marie Matthews. I am a wife, a mom, an educator, an intuitive, an empath, and a healer.  

My path began in 2006 when my intuitive abilities resurfaced after being "quiet" for several years. I was reeling over the loss of several people in my life. The grief was so overwhelming for me that I sought a therapist to manage my feelings of loss. Little did I know that I would find a brilliantly open minded no nonsense therapist who would significantly impact my life in ways I never imagined. 

I had been meeting with this therapist for almost a year when she asked me start keeping a diary. I wasn't much for journaling at the time and grumbled about it (in my head) but agreed. My job was to write down every little emotion or physical feeling that did not seem "typical" for me. I did this for two weeks the whole time finding it therapeutic but rolling my eyes at the fact that she was, once again, able to inspire me to step outside my comfort zone. I brought the journal to the next appointment the entire time expecting to pour over every word with her, but after I read the first page aloud she nodded as though something had been confirmed (I had no idea what...) and then asked me to continue journaling only this time pay attention to the people around me as well.  

I inwardly shook my head at this thinking, "What is she really getting at here?" But, true to form, she knew exactly what she was doing and though she was not surprised by the results, I was completely shocked. Sure enough, if I suddenly came down with a headache in the morning, later that day, a friend of mine would talk about the debilitating migraine they woke up with that day. If I had an overwhelming feeling of anger or frustration wash over me for no apparent reason one evening, the next day a family member would tell me how they got in an argument with their spouse before they went to bed the previous night. This is just a small excerpt of a pattern of intuitive and empathic events outlined in my journal. It was uncanny and for me, undeniable.

For a while, I concentrated on learning how to block it all out or make it stop but an incident with one of my students in the spring of 2007 changed everything. I was sitting at my desk while the students were finishing up some group work. This student, we'll call him Trey, walked up to the table next to my desk and sat down. The second he got close, my chest felt like it was going to explode, I had trouble breathing, and a wave of dizziness swept over me like I had never experienced before. Seconds later, he got up and walked across the room and the feeling disappeared. I watched him closely and noticed he was cupping his chest with one hand and he looked pale. Trey came and sat next to me then and put his head down on the table and the feeling returned. When I asked if he was feeling okay, he said, "Ms. M my chest hurts, I feel dizzy, and it's hard to breathe." My fears confirmed, I immediately told Trey that he needed to go to the nurse. I asked him if he would feel comfortable walking there with a couple friends. He muttered something about the nurse hating him but agreed regardless. The nurse called me after school to tell me that Trey left in an ambulance shortly after arriving in her office. She shared that, at the age of 17, this strong, otherwise perceivably healthy young man was suffering from congestive heart failure. Trey never returned to school after that day and I never saw him again... 

Since then I have refused to live in denial of the gift I've been given to work with spirit as a messenger and a healer. It is my passion to help others make sense of this mind body spirit connection that we have received from the divine and to learn to use this connection in the way it was intended for each of us; to facilitate highest good.

Today, I am a Life Coach and a certified Energy Healing Practitioner who studied with Cyndi Dale. I am certified in Mindfulness and Meditation, have received mentoring from Anina Davenport, and trained in the art of Reiki Healing with Lisa Powers and Heidi Steffens. I am one piece of a larger puzzle in this journey. I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist, or counselor and always strongly encourage you to seek counsel from experts working in the appropriate field whenever you have a concern.