My name is Marie Matthews. I am an energy healing practitioner and a psychic—however, I prefer the word intuitive. Even though this work has been a part of who I am since I was a child, the word "psychic" (and the imagery associated with it) has always been as difficult for me to identify with as much as it has been for others to understand.

When this journey began, I was skeptical about my experiences but as my intuition and connection to spirit evolves, I see and feel peace and happiness expand into my life and the lives of those around me in ways I never expected—this is what inspires me to do this work. I believe and I know the profound impact that making sense of and nurturing the mind, body, spirit connection can have on one’s life.

As we enter this adventure together, our work is a partnership between the healer, client, and Divine Universal Energy. I respect your gift of free will and only work with your expressed permission. Strengthening the mind body spirit connection is much more powerful with your willing participation. For this reason, I encourage you to let go. come open and ready to work together as a team to discover how to build the mind • body • spirit • sense within you.

 Love & Light,



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stress, quiet your mind and
balance your energy in a way
that works for you.


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