This series is the foundation for clarity, health, happiness, and everything we do here at Mind Body Spirit Sense. The Power of Protection I is a prerequisite for many of our workshops.

Empower yourself with the skills to block and remove unneeded or unwanted energy. Create an energetic environment that manifests clarity, peace, health, and happiness in your life.

In The Power of Protection I, learn the impact of imagery in clearing and protecting your energy body in a way that resonates with you. Then take your skills to the next level through the use of additional imagery techniques and other essential tools with The Power of Protection II. In The Power of Protection III, Learn how to create a shield of protection. Take time to discover, explore, and create tools that resonate with you. Build a system of clearing and protection for you, your home and/or place of work.


Have you ever wondered why specific terms such as “gut feeling”, “heartache”, or “heartbreak” resonate with our lived experiences so deeply? Or, why deeply emotional experiences seem to affect our physical health? Somewhere in your educational journey you learned about your physical anatomy but why not your energetic anatomy? It is just as much a part of you.

In the Energetic Anatomy Series, learn about the other side of your being - the scientifically proven part of you that Western Society often overlooks. Discover that which connects the dots between the mysteries of how physical, mental, and emotional health are all related. In a series of 3 separate 2 hour courses, discover the basics of your auric layers, chakras, and meridians.


Learn the complementary healing modality of Reiki. Discover how to deliver powerful healing to yourself and others. Become a certified practitioner or use what you have learned for your own healing and that of your loved ones. Discover the healing impact of this amazing modality in Reiki I, II, and III.


Develop your Intuitive gifts. In Intuitive Development I, discover how your skills work and learn how to connect with and listen to your divine intuition and that tiny calm voice that consistently points you in the direction of highest good. In Intuitive Development II, learn to connect with and listen to your divinely appointed angels and guides. In Intuitive Development III, dive deeper into what you have learned and practice your skills.



The miracles in your life are often related to assistance given by the Archangels. Learn who they are, understand their gifts, and how they can help to clear, protect, and guide you.