Have you ever felt exhausted, overwhelmed, or experienced symptoms of physical illness after having contact with certain people, places, or situations? Do you ever experience brain fog or feel distracted by emotions or events that replay over and over again like a movie in your mind? If so, you have experienced what it's like to have unnecessary or harmful energy attached to your energy body. In order for us to feel strong and healthy, our physical body needs care and maintenance, so too does our energy body. The purpose of Energy Maintenance 101 is to empower you with the skills to care for your energy system and create an energetic environment that manifests clarity, peace, health, and happiness in your life. 


Did you know that you have the power to deliver healing energy to yourself? Discover the complementary healing modality of Reiki and experience the positive impacts Reiki Healing has on your life.


Are you an psychic or intuitive? Dive deeper into your intuitive talents and learn to use them to facilitate highest good.


Are you an empath, intuitive, psychic, or healer? Have you ever been interested in expanding your gifts but been afraid of working without protection from the unknown? If so, experience the peace of mind that comes with learning how to protect yourself from unneeded and unwanted energy around you. Feel confident in moving forward with your intuitive and healing gifts knowing that you are protected in your work. Discover the Power of Protection.


Did you know that you have the power to deliver healing energy to others?  Enter the complementary healing modality of Reiki from the perspective of a healer and experience the positive impacts Reiki has on your life as a healer and the life of those around you.


Have you ever wondered why specific terms such as “gut feeling”, “heartache”, or “heartbreak” resonate with our lived experiences so deeply? Or, why deeply emotional experiences seem to affect our physical health?

Somewhere in your educational journey you learned about your physical anatomy but why not your energetic anatomy? It is just as much a part of you. Come and discover the other side of your being - the scientifically proven part of you that Western Society often overlooks. Discover that which connects the dots between the mysteries of how physical, mental, and emotional health are all related. Discover your Energy Body.


Have you ever followed the guidance of that “tiny” voice within you and been in awe of the results? Imagine the impact on your life if you could consistently connect with that voice. Discover how to connect with your divine intuition and that calm voice that consistently points you in the direction of highest good.